Our Six Core Services

Client advisory & investment

Newman Trust Investment Bank combines invaluable insights from top-tier advisors, and market leaders, transforming them into actionable investment strategies so that its clients are able to maximize their portfolio potential and fully realize their investment goals, regardless of external market volatility. Adopting a holistic yet flexible approach that takes into account our clients’ individual risk preference and strategic long and short term objectives, Newman Trust Investment Bank is able to deliver bespoke advisory solutions and investment opportunities for every need.

Custodian Services

Newman Trust Investment Bank helps its clients safeguard their assets and meet a variety of complex custody needs by offering highly personalised custodian services while maximizing efficiency and ensuring that client accounts are managed in a highly secure and well-integrated environment. Newman Trust Investment Bank also holds securities for and on behalf of its clients to provide account management, management of settlements, account status of assets, and ensure compliance with tax regulations.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Newman Trust Investment Bank provides astute direction, negotiation strategies, and deal facilitation services to our clients on their most important business decisions and transactions. We add value to deals by negotiating favourable terms for our clients across a broad range of M&A transactions, including company sales, divestitures, acquisitions, cross-border M&A, and other strategic transactions. Newman Trust Investment Bank assists in structuring and facilitating the acquisition to ensure that the corporate exercise is in-line with our clients’ best interest.

In-house fund offerings

Adapting an all-weather approach focused on preservation of capital and generation of predictable, steady flows of income, Newman Trust Investment Bank offers its qualifying clients the opportunity to participate in its in-house fund offerings. Newman Trust Investment Bank implements a multi-faceted risk management strategy, which aims to protect the managed portfolio against market volatility, and deliver predictable, consistent returns - suitable for investors who adopt a conservative approach over aggressive risk-taking.

Trading desk

The securities trading desk of Newman Trust Investment Bank is able to facilitate the transacting of a wide basket of curated securities including but not limited to stocks, bonds, and derivatives. This opens opportunities for its clients to capitalise on unique private placement openings to accelerate their portfolio growth. Clients will be backed by comprehensive economic information and the latest market insights, enabling them to make informed, up-to-date investment decisions and capture opportunities with an utmost level of convenience and confidence.

Private placement exercises

Newman Trust Investment Bank’s private placement team seeks to provide clients with long-term capital appreciation by committing equity to high quality companies with strong management and immense growth potential for IPOs or exits. Newman Trust Investment Bank seeks to generate superior returns by allowing investors access to private equity opportunities across a range of promising industries and geographies. We have the flexibility to invest via either minority or control transactions, and we look for companies possessing a compelling market opportunity and sustainable competitive advantages through technology, product or process.