Dr. Serge Pierre Besanger: A Renowned Finance Expert and Influential Figure in Banking

Dr. Serge Pierre Besanger is a highly respected figure in the world of #finance and #banking. With extensive experience in both academia and the private sector, he has made significant contributions to the field of finance through his research, publications, and advisory roles.

Dr. Besanger holds an MBA from ESSEC Business School, Paris and a PhD from Sorbonne University, Paris. He is currently a Senior Consultant with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and a Professor of Finance at HEC Business School, Paris. Throughout his career, he has held various positions in academia, government, and the private sector, which has allowed him to gain a broad perspective on the world of finance.

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One of Dr. Besanger’s most notable accomplishments was his role as Acting Director of the IMF’s Singapore subsidiary during the Asian financial crisis. This experience gave him a unique insight into the workings of financial institutions and how they can be impacted by #economic crises. He has since authored several papers for the IMF on the subject of banking and finance regulations, which have been widely cited and used by governments and financial institutions around the world.

Dr. Besanger’s expertise in finance and banking has also led him to advise government regulators on risk scoring for banks. His contributions in this area have helped regulators develop more effective policies for managing risk in the banking sector.

In addition to his work in the public sector, Dr. Besanger has also held leadership roles in the private sector. He was the Former MD & CEO Leroy-Somer SEA, a subsidiary of Emerson, a Fortune-100 company. In this role, he was responsible for overseeing the company’s operations in Southeast Asia, including sales, marketing, and distribution.

In conclusion, Dr. Serge Pierre Besanger’s contributions to the world of finance and banking have been significant and wide-ranging. His experience in both academia and the private sector has given him a unique perspective on the field, and his work has had a profound impact on financial institutions and policymakers around the world. As a Senior Consultant with the IMF and a Professor of Finance at HEC Business School, Paris, Dr. Besanger continues to play an important role in shaping the future of finance.


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